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History Against the Grain

Welcome to the official website of the History Against the Grain podcast We are your hosts Josh Weiner and Chris Padgett, two historians whose many years of study and teaching college history have found us ready to reach a broader audience of educators, thinkers, tinkerers, enthusiasts, and all fans and students of history. We’ll bring you newer, richer, and more dangerous perspectives on the past from the best historical writing and scholarship, as well as our own teaching. This is not your father’s history or the history your coach taught you in high school, this is History Against the Grain.

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Image: Al-Idrisi, World Map, 1454 copy based on 1154 original, considered one of the most advanced Medieval world maps. Perspective: South is oriented to the top. Al-Idrisi incorporated geographical knowledge gained from traveling merchants and scholars into his map of the world.

Good Listen. Thanks for the thought provoking hour.”

Adam, podcast listener