Episode 33: Desolation Row

“They’re not going to take this White House. We’re going to fight like hell, I’ll tell you right now.”
Donald Trump

Our History

January 6, 2020: On a day when the U.S. capitol plays host to an armed standoff with insurrectionists relentlessly egged on by the criminal-in-chief, it pays to remember that the whole world is watching. When modern liberal capitalist systems fracture, all pretense and condescension goes out the window. And the reality of force and violence that has so long been visited upon the disenfranchised peoples of the world, now ignores borders and turns its ugly face toward inward, like the Frankenstein’s monster whose creators could no longer control the forces they unleashed. Join Josh and Chris for a discussion of how coup d’etat done is done up American style.

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Sources Referenced and Items of Interest

Zeynep Tufecki, “‘This Must Be Your First’ Acting as if Trump is Trying to Stage a Coup is the Best Way to Ensure He Won’t” (December 7, 2020 The Atlantic)


Karl Marx, “The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte” (1852)


“But ignoring a near catastrophe that was averted by the buffoonish, half-hearted efforts of its would-be perpetrator invites a real catastrophe brought on by someone more competent and ambitious. “

Zeynep Tufecki

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