Episode 22: Fools and Knaves

Political bleep.


It’s a Back-to-School hellscape edition. Whether we are teaching remotely or not remotely teaching is hard to tell, but either way there’s no holding back the circus of another election. As we tumble into a fall season full of political [bleep], the saucy boys get their footing, rare back, and throw a country hard ball right into the face of all the fools and knaves clamoring for our votes. Is Joe really decent, or is the bar just really low? Will the Republicans cook a puppy on stage?And just when we could use a strong serving of truth and sanity, historian David Blight gives us instead a big cup of steaming decaf vanilla latte junk, and calls it American history. Not to worry friends, we here at HAG got your back, and a refreshing dose of straight talk to wash it all down.

This week’s music: Pottery, “Hot Heater”; J. Electronica, “The Neverending Story”; Jeff Rosenstock, “Scram”

Latte history, courtesy of David Blight

To hear Episode 22 Fools and Knaves, click on the link below:


Sources Referenced and Items of Interest

David Blight, “Barack Obama delivers a Jeremiad” (New York Times, August 21, 2020)


“Implicated histories in the disquieting present.”

Ann laura Stoler

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