Episode 10: Revising History

Image: “Columbus, as he first arrives…is received by the inhabitants and honored with the bestowing of many gifts” Theodor de Bry, engraver, 1594. In Episode 10 Revising History, Josh discusses how the White God myth, beginning with Columbus’s 1492 encounter of native people in the Caribbean as depicted above, shaped the telling of history by Europeans, and why historical revision is a necessary and ongoing part of historical study. For more regarding Theodor de Bry’s engravings of early contact between Europeans and Native Americans, see the link below.


It’s HAG’s Aluminum anniversary episode and tis the season for revision! For Episode 10 Chris and Josh dig into their own back stories by discussing how seminal moments in their lives and teaching had them seeing history from new perspectives. Speaking of new perspectives, Chris offers some fresh picked and refreshing history reads to get you through a social distanced summer, and Josh tackles the myth of the White God and explains why ‘revision’ is not a four letter word.

Josh on the Great Wall during his 1995 hike through China

To hear Episode 5 Revising History, click on the link below:


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“As if in their excavations of the past, they have buried us in the rubble. And when we engage in historical revision, we are trying to dig out of that rubble and hopefully see the past in a new way.”

Josh Weiner

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