Episode 25: Deadwood

“Welcome to f***ing Deadwood! It can be combative”
Al Swearengen

Our History

Welcome to episode 25, the silver jubilee edition of History Against the Grain. We’re podcasting from the Truman Balcony, steroid free, speaking truth to power, and not even a little winded. Think of HAG as the podcast equivalent of Deadwood, a wild west roaring camp of a podcast, where an uncompromising saloonkeeper and brothel owner is the standard bearer of every episode’s conscience, and a hustler like Donald Trump ain’t fooling anyone. Just ask our special interview guests, a couple of HAG alums, Elise Robison and Kyle Fitzpatrick, who by day are high school history and government teachers, and guardians of our public  education universe. Hearing them will leave you feeling much better about the state of things in these fraught times. So pour yourself a whisky, because there are no checks and balances here in Deadwood, and the saucy boys know that systems are for suckers. And, yes, we’re all Mad here.

President Alfred E. Neuman on the Truman Balcony

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Episode 25 Guests: Elise Robison and Kyle Fitzpatrick, Cupertino High School

Sources Referenced and Items of Interest

Matthew Mulcahy, Hubs of Empire: The Southeastern Low Country and British Caribbean (2014)


Video: “Condoleezza Rice Wants to Make History Great Again”


“Represents China as a linear succession of legitimate dynasties, each comprised of a succession of legitimate emperors, each state writing its predecessor (and enemy) into its own origin story. This is a powerful conceit, and the best proof that the historian’s brush can be mightier than the sword. But we should recognize it as a rhetorical rather than empirical.”

James Millward

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