Keep Doing the Work

Over the last four years I have rekindled my love for history while also becoming more aware than ever before how complicit the discipline has been in the maintenance of an unjust power structure. Instead of being handmaidens to that power structure we must become, in the words of historian Priya Satia, “the province ofContinue reading “Keep Doing the Work”

The History of Now

Have been reading in the news reports and headlines of “rioting” and “looting” and “crimes” and “thugs”. Just tonight the NYT headline read “As chaos spreads, Trumps vows to end it now.” But you know, I think it is really just misplaced modifiers, or dishonest storytelling, or more likely, fraud. Chaos? Consider, the actual historyContinue reading “The History of Now”

The Weight of all Past Generations

“The tradition of all past generations weighs like an alp upon the brain of the living.” — Karl Marx “…there has been enough of poison spread in this country during the past years and months, and this poison has had an effect on people’s minds. We must face this poison, we must root out thisContinue reading “The Weight of all Past Generations”